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Holistic Health

Do you have a specialty?

Like any physician with a general practice, I treat a variety of patients and conditions. In addition to easing pain and inflammation, I have great success helping my patients control their weight, overcome addictions, chronic fatigue and depression, regain mobility after strokes, improve fertility and relieve menopausal symptoms. 
"I'm scheduled for surgery and my surgeon says I'll be out of commission for six weeks. How can I speed up my recovery?"
Acupuncture treatments can dramatically reduce inflammation and increase healing at the surgical site. My patients tend to recover twice as fast as they've been told to expect.

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As a locally owned and operated natural health and skin care service provider, Novato Acupuncture is dedicated to improving your skin.
Contact us today and get the information you need to care for your skin naturally.

Get natural remedies for

• Chronic pain
• Allergies
• Fatigue
• Hormonal imbalance
• Weight control
• Depression

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